Japanese Hip-Hop Remixes To Check Out

They can be tricky to find so we decided to make a post listing some of the Japanese hip-hop remixes we are currently enjoying. We wish more people would make remixes because they do bring some different energy to the scene.

AKLO – Break the Record Remix feat. KOHH and 漢

Different version from the original Break the Records from AKLO featuring KOHH and 漢 aka GAMI. Both KOHH and 漢 aka GAMI makes a great performance and gives a new sound to the song. Certainly worth a listen specially since KOHH is featured goes in with high energy.

KOHH Paris Remix by Sam Tiba

Based on the famous Japanese rapper KOHH‘s song Paris. There is this remix made by Sam Tiba which is really great. The beat goes very deep and well with the vocals. Certainly a recommendation.

KEN THE 390 – Make Some Noise mahoutsukainote Remix

Personally I’ve been listening to KEN THE 390’s album a lot and to hear different versions of their songs always is a pleasure. Please be sure to take a listen on this calming remix of “Make Some Noise”. You can check out the original song here. The saying that nothing beats the orignal could be true here but it never hurts with more of the good stuff! This song has ZORN and NORIKIYO featured as rappers.



DJ SAIJI REMIX of 漢 a.k.a GAMI’s song “oh my way”

This song has a number of featured Japanese rappers such as HI-BULLET, DARTHREIDER and D.O (練マザファッカー).

TOKAGE (十影)’s Funny KOWICHI remixes

If you haven’t seen and heard these music videos you are in for a treat. The rapper TOKAGE (十影) has made a few videos on KOWICHI’s songs. If you know KOWICHI he is the typical cool guy that sings about girls and the good life, and having collaborating with TOKAGE for these comical songs makes it very interesting. This video feature Bo Bo Bo, Line Tokyo Metro Remix, Stoner Life (ズッコンバッコンライフ).