Kohh is a Japanese hip hop artist known for his diverse musical style and lyrics. He has gained many fans in the Japanese hip hop scene due to his upbringing and music style.

Kohh was born and raised in Tokyo in the 1990s. He became interested in music at a young age and began rapping in his teenage years. His early music was heavily influenced by American hip hop, especially Eminem and 50 Cent.

However, Kohh soon found his own musical style and began to be influenced by Japanese culture and music. His lyrics delve deep into his own experiences and emotions and can strongly resonate with his audience.

Kohh released “YELLOW TAPE” in 2012 and has since released many albums and singles. His music incorporates various elements, fusing different genres such as hip hop, rock, and pop.

In addition to his music career, Kohh has also acted in movies and dramas. He has also opened his own YouTube channel to send messages to young people in Japan.

Kohh is not only known for his musical style but also for his attitude and behavior. He sometimes makes critical statements about the entertainment industry and society in Japan, which has gained him support from many young people.

Kohh has attracted many fans in the Japanese hip hop scene with his unique musical style and strong messages. He is expected to continue to gain attention as an artist who creates new styles and cultures in the Japanese music scene.


Kohhは、1990年代に東京で生まれ育ちました。彼は幼少期から音楽に興味を持ち、10代の頃には既にラップを始めていました。彼の初期の音楽は、アメリカのヒップホップからの影響が強く、特にEminemや50 Centから影響を受けていました。


Kohhは、2012年に「YELLOW TAPE」をリリースし、その後、多数のアルバムやシングルを発表しています。彼の音楽は、多様な要素を取り入れたものであり、ヒップホップ、ロック、ポップスなど、さまざまなジャンルを融合させたものとなっています。




  • Birthplace: Oji, Kita, Tokyo, Japan (日本の旗 東京都北区王子)
  • Year Born: 1990 (age 34)
  • Website: kohh.tokyo