Introducing DOTA

Introducing DOTAMA. Maybe somewhat unfamiliar rapper for most people, specially if we’re talking outside Japan. With his second album released 2015 August 12 named “New Album” he certainly took the scene with storm. With his unique sound and high speed rapping he already came a far way. To push it further, he made an music video for “音楽ワルキューレ2”, Translates as Music Valkyrie 2, from “New Album” which really shows off his talent for how fast he actually can rap, while having a great flow musically. More than just the speed comes with DOTA though, he has a very kind and dreamlike sound and tone on his voice. Not the usual “thug”-sound so to speak. Through the “New Album” the songs variate a lot and gives you really colorful experience. Music can go from mysterious and humorous to having rock guitar and drums going at full blast. He also made an apperance in the TV show Freestyle Dungeon where he managed to win against known great rappers such as R指定 and GOLBY.

The very liked music video and song “” by DOTAMA.