New KOWICHI song 色メガネ (feat. NORIKIYO)

Hello, Japanese music fans! Today, we’re here to talk about the highly anticipated new song in the Japanese rap scene, “色メガネ (feat. NORIKIYO),” which has recently ranked 7th on iTunes in the hip hop genre. This track is a testament to the talent and hard work of the artists involved, capturing the hearts of many listeners.

“色メガネ (feat. NORIKIYO)” is a collaboration between two rising stars in the Japanese hip-hop scene. The song features vibrant melodies, clever lyrics, and powerful rhythms. Additionally, NORIKIYO’s energetic rap style brings a unique energy to the track. “色メガネ” means colored glasses.

The 7th place ranking on iTunes is a clear indication of the song’s popularity and impact. It showcases how “色メガネ” has resonated with a large number of listeners, captivating them with its distinct sound. Furthermore, it marks an important milestone in the growing popularity of rap in the Japanese music scene.

The song delves into the emotions and societal issues faced by today’s youth, conveying meaningful messages. Its lyrics explore various themes encountered in everyday life, such as adversity, challenges, and the pursuit of dreams. The artists’ personal experiences and emotions are reflected in the song, evoking deep empathy among its listeners.

The success of “色メガネ” symbolizes the growth and evolution of Japanese rap. Young artists are fusing traditional musical styles with new elements, creating their own unique sounds. Their music has garnered attention both domestically and internationally, attracting new fans, particularly among the younger generation.