An unprecedented collaboration between three highly talented artists will highlight diversity while staying true to their creative spirit.

The bpm plus asia project & Brooklyn Yas furthers the pursuit of bridging cultures and heritages across Asia. In the previous projects/songs of this project, M.A.U Collective connected 10 artists from all over Asia with different backgrounds, energy and brought them to bpm plus asia with the hope of uniting Asian artists and showcase the next generation of Future Shock.

The new tune “Rocka Bye” brings together three artist with cross-cultural backgrounds: Al Cizarr, Mixed Miyagi, and Ankhten Brown. They are integrated to lead the way to the new wave of artists with more diversity in music. Produced by Jamaica native Tu Finga, “Rocka Bye” digs deep into a trap-dancehall vibe to channel a laid back, island vibe.

Though each artist’s heritage is unique, their shared experiences come through via the seamless cooperation on the track. Al Cizarr’s enigmatic vibe fusing with Mixed Miyagi’s edgy dynamic sound and Ankhten Brown’s smooth flow, accompanying a catchy melody, the song promises to conquer any hip hop heads’ hearts. By surviving and thriving as artists who live lives in-between cultures, “Rocka Bye” can hopefully breathe life into music through their stories and energy.

Al Cizarr is a one-of-a-kind artist whose motivation is to bring a new sound to the world, blending Jamaica and Japan. His music is a combination of dancehall and rap which is the way for him to express his stories.

Originally from Can Tho, Viet Nam, Miyagi was raised in Florida, where he was captivated by Hip-Hop culture. As a biracial immigrant, his music expresses passion for social justice, cultural awareness, lyricism and clever wordplay.

Ankhten Brown is a rapper, singer, songwriter and producer from Manila, Philippines. He experimented with hand percussion, native Filipino, African, Caribbean instruments and singing.

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Source: Lifted Asia , Thailand News