Best Japanese Rap songs in 2020

The year was actually filled with new music from the Japanaese rap and hop-hop scene that are worth to check out! We will be listing our favorites which we think are the best ones from this year.

Awich – 洗脳 feat. DOGMA & 鎮座DOPENESS (Prod. Chaki Zulu)

Awich is doing a collaboration with Dogma and Chinza Dopeness and it can not be a better outcome.

kZm – TEENAGE VIBE feat. Tohji (Prod. Chaki Zulu)

ZORN / Have A Good Time feat. AKLO

You know you will get great things if you see Zorn and AKLO together, and this time they have a positive message with their song Have a good time. The song comes off both positive and relaxing, and makes you feel good with a kind of old-schoolish beat.

AYA a.k.a. PANDA – あの頃から今

AYA a.k.a. PANDA with her recent song “From that time until now” is about her journey as an artist.

Moment Joon – TENO HIRA

Released actually last December the 31th, but it is still one of the more beautiful Japanese rap songs you’ll ever hear. Comments are flooding with “Thanks for making me love Japan again” and so forth.

レオタードブタとヤギ・ハイレグ -サイコショッカー!


The artist Tade Dust has been on a roll recently and his songs doesn’t disappoint. One of our favorites are over-whelming.