Cool Japanese rap and hip-hop songs 2017

We’ve made a selection of cool Japanese rap and hip-hop songs 2017 we’ve stumbled upon so far. Not too long ago we listed some hot Japanese hip-hop and rap 2017 summer songs, but this time we go harder with the coolest songs only. Tracks that stand out because of its underground sound or hard beat. kZm, Junkman, YDIZZY and DOGMA to name a few are those who released great tracks within this category. The purpose is to find the best and coolest Japanese rap and hip-hop songs of 2017 so if you have any tracks you would like to share please do so in the comments.

Junkman – Keiji no syo feat. DOGMA

We know that when Junkman and DOGMA collaborate, great sound comes out of it. This song is no exception. The song name is 啓示の書, Keiji no syo, and the producer is WATAPACHI which is the same producer that produced the popular song Daijoubu together with Chaki Zulu.

Jin Dogg – アホばっか ft. Young Yujiro & WillyWonka (Producer Warkar)

We actually thought this was one of the more lit ones so don’t miss this one out! Really cool song by the Japanese rapper Jin Dogg from Osaka, Japan. アホばっか, aho bakka, means “everyone are idiots”.


The Japanese rapper YDIZZY becoming more popular every minute, specially after his new album release. DIZZiNESS is the name of the album and it contains 13 different songs. What we’ve selected here is maybe the most psychotic-like, so if you want less craziness there are definitely other tracks that will satisfy you. This one though has a great flow throughout and sure has an underground feeling to it. DIZZiNESS was released 2017.6.7. Check out his other music videos from the new album too if you want. The meaning of the Japanese song title DAMARE is “shut up”.


If you are familiar with the names, you might have noticed that MONYPETZJNKMN stands for MoneyHorse, PETZ and Junkman. They released their first full album 磊 (Reads as “RAI”). What does this mean you might wonder? Well according to a (Japanese) yahoo answers (Yahoo知恵袋) answer,  its meaning refers to the sound of when stones are moving during thunder. This album was released 2017.5.17, which is a good quality album featuring female rapper Awhich, kZm which as you can see on the music video title below, DOGMA and Loota. Having various different of styles and not the same thing over and over again. They have calmer tracks too like SPACY and Uh…Down…, and songs with more hard beats like “Keiji no syo”. We’ve picked SIVA from the same album which is fitting for what we’re looking for at this moment. SIVA has a great deep underground beat, and kZm is featured.


LEON a.k.a.獅子 – GUN SHOT

LEON a.k.a. 獅子 is an artist that continuously keeps showing that he has some great skill and great taste in music style. His latest single GUN SHOT takes us by storm and is certanly worth a listen. 獅子 reads as shishi meaning lion.

kZm – Deadman Walking On The Moon

kZm’s single “Deadman Walking On The Moon” produced by ANJULIECAT has spooky sound and music video. Not every day you see people holding snakes, having their face completely filled with drawn kanji and creepy contact lenses in the same video.