Chill Japanese rap songs from year 2016

What awesome chill Japanese rap songs 2016 and hip-hop songs can we find? We’ve gathered our favorites.

SALU – How Beautiful

Quite a different involved style from SALU brings out great music. We’ve picked How Beautiful from the album Good Morning that has more great songs like this! You should definitely check it out and you won’t be disappointed.

5lack – Feeling29

Feeling29 is a track from 5lack which guaranted clarify under chill Japanese rap songs from year 2016. Getting a very good response based on the comments were not only the beat and music is great. but that the video also is in very great feel to it.

ZORN- 夕方 ノスタルジー

ZORN’s song called “夕方 ノスタルジー” meaning evening nostalgia is one we remember being one of the more chill songs. If you do enjoy this one, there are many more of his songs that has the same style such as My Life.



DOTAMA – Aeon Mall (イオンモール) feat.カクマクシャカ

DOTAMA is a Japanese rapper that has been blowing up recently. Very active one, and that has a few songs that we absolutely love. Aeon Mall is one of them. What is different from other songs is that this one is truly chill and has a really great flow throughout the song, featuring rapper kakumakshaka.