Featured Rapper Week 2: SALU

For the second week of the new year 2017 we decided to give the feature to SALU. He is an active rapper that actively collaborates with various other great rappers such as AKLO. With his rap performance he have done, the songs become truly great. Example of this is the heavy song We Go On released by AKLO. He been in KLOOZ’s Selfie song.

SALU giving an outstanding performance in AKLO’s We Go On music video

For his personal style he has maybe changed a little bit. In his latest album released late 2016, “Good Morning”, you can hear a more up-beat sound which is slightly different from what we’ve been used to, but not in a bad way. Perfect example of this is Mr.Reagan feat. Takuya Kuroda with trumpets making the whole song very energetic and happy-sounding. Although his “How Beautiful” song the one that stands out from the rest were the song is more dramatic and dark. Below are two tracks from “Good Morning”.

“How Beautiful” from SALU’s most recent album “Good Morning”

SALU / Tomorrowland (Music by tofubeats)

This is the most recent album “Good Morning” by SALU available on Spotify and major online retailers such as Amazon. You can listen on the tracks for a little bit above.

Good Morning