Leon Fanourakis – SHISHIMAI

SHISHIMAI was released on January 22 2021 by Leon Fanourakis, an album you shouldn’t miss! Leon Fanourakis is certainly keeping up with his atmospheric underground rap style. We want to highlight this album since we’ve believe this is an undervalued album which you might like if you haven’t already.

Meaning of SHISHIMAI is that lion dancer figure you can see on the picture above.

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“SKY HI” topping the charts

The songs “Diver’s High” and “何様” is topping the charts made by the Japanese artist SKI HI.

“Diver’s High” is currently both rank 1 on Itunes and Amazon’s hip-hop ranking lists. Now if you haven’t heard the 何様 (reading: nanisama) track it is time to do so surly since this is indeed a great song. This track is from the artist SKY-HI whos real name is Mitsuhiro Hidaka featuring “Boku no Lyric no Bōyomi“.


Actress : 最上もが
Director : Atsunori Toushi (A4A Inc.)

Divers High

SKY-HI image source: billboard.com


COMA-CHI releases new music video

COMA-CHI have released her new music video for the song “Woman” featured in the album JOMON GREEN. The album was released 16th March and contains 11 tracks.


  1. タイトル時間1
    intro (a message from JOMON)
  2. water (feat. Josef Leimberg)
  3. Cycle
  4. woman (feat. Keyco)
  5. snake
  6. fire (feat. 焚巻)
  7. inori (祈りの森)
  8. fuzhin wind (feat. MC Mystie)
  9. sacred tree
  10. the voices of Kamuy (カムイの声) (feat. OKI (from OKI DUB AINU BAND))
  11. circle


Another music video is available for the track “circle”.

SHO Lamborghini

SHO “Please buy me Lamborghini”

SHO is back and this time he is asking for a Lamborghini, with his track “Please buy me Lamborghini”. The one he has in the music video is only rental he says: “Video is only shooting Rentalghini”. His lyrics are often straight to the point. Other known tracks from him are “Shaved head and Beard”, “Stop taking drugs” and “Louis Vuitton”.

KOHH, SALU & Yurufuwa will perform in Ultra Japan 2017

It has been confirmed that some of the biggest Japanese Rappers, KOHH, SALU & Yurufuwa Gang, will be performing in the Ultra Japan festival this year. KOHH and Salu is big rappers and that they are performing in such a big festival is a huge step for Japanese hip-hop and its popularity. Yurufuwa Gang is one of the latest Japanese hip-hop acts to be getting attention from both Japan and overseas and to have them in this festival too was unexpected but great.

Ultra Japan

Ultra Japan is a 3 day event boasting the world’s top EDM DJ’s with unparalleled stage designs and top tier production. The festival is being held September 16, 17, 18 2017. You can see the full line up of artists here.

Japanese adult film actress joins the rap scene

Apparently the adult film actress Asuka Kirara, 明日花キララ, have joined the Japanese hip hop and rap scene it seems.

Just dropping this new track called “Cho Ero De Gomenne” “Sorry for being extremely erotic” on Twitter on and YouTube. The response is very mixed if you read comments from Twitter and YouTube. Previously there was a track by JP THE WAVY called “Cho Wavy De Gomenne”, meaning “Sorry for my extreme wavy” which has the same kind of beat and style.

Response to Asuka Kirara rapping and making hiphop music

“Not fun at all. Are you stupid?”

“Boring, disgusting”


On YouTube people also were commentating similar things that it was either awesome or bad.