RIDE Cover Artwork

RIDE (Shurkn Pap ft. Ryohu)

A Melodic Joyride: Hip-Hop Sensation Shurkn Pap and Renowned Artist Ryohu

Shurkn Pap surprises fans with an early release album this year, following the success of
“EVERYDAY.” The album’s first collaborated single is an exciting collaboration with the
talented Japanese artist, Ryohu, and producer Mellow In Da Street set to be released on August
9th, 2023.

This eagerly awaited track promises to take listeners on a thrilling afrobeat-infused
journey that captures the essence of embarking on a new adventure with friends.
“RIDE” embodies the spirit of camaraderie and the exhilaration of embarking on a thrilling
journey. With its infectious afrobeat vibe, the single captures the essence of setting out on a new
adventure with friends, encapsulating the joy of shared experiences and endless possibilities.
Shurkn Pap’s signature style combined with Ryohu’s musical finesse promises an unforgettable
auditory experience that will leave fans craving more.

As fans eagerly anticipate the release of “RIDE” on August 9th, 2023, Shurkn Pap and Ryohu
continue to blaze a trail in the music game with their unique talents and creative expressions.
This collaboration marks a milestone for both artists and sets the stage for even greater
accomplishments in their musical careers.

The project is part of the Future Shock project made possible by Japan-based bpm plus asia and
Brooklyn Yas in association with M.A.U Collective, in pursuit of bridging cultures and heritages
across Asia. In the previous projects/songs of this project, M.A.U Collective connected artists
from all over Asia with different backgrounds, energy and brought them to bpm plus asia with
the hope of uniting Asian artists and showcase the next generation of Future Shock..

Release information:
RIDE – Shurkn Pap ft. Ryohu
Release date: Aug 9, 2023

JIYU Album:
Shurkn Pap’s New-14-songs Album “JIYU ”, embarks on an Adventure of Freedom and
showcases his unwavering spirit in music and his profound love for his hometown, Himeji.
Release date: September 29, 2023