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Best Japanese Rap songs 2021

Here we are again and talking about the best Japanese rap songs in year 2022, as the year is coming to an end. Don’t forget to let us know what your favourite Japanese rap songs are too! These are ours.

Jin Dogg – ” 街風 ” feat. REAL-T

ZORN – Stay Gold

ZORN brings music that is on a completely different level compared to a lot of other artists where he often get praised for being a humble down to earth person, and here he is back with another great track called Stay Gold from the album 925. Also worth checking out the track Lost too from the same EP.

KOHH – John and Yoko

Not too unexpected perhaps, that this would be included in the top list. John and Yoko from KOHH touches on history about the story of, well, John and Yoko and does it with dignity. This track was on the album from worst (2020) but released a music video this year illuminating the great song, which we believe makes it okay to add it for this years list!

KOWICHI Rockstar

From the most recent album Higher, KOWICHI is brining more quality than ever, with beats that still feels like KOWICHI, but with this up-tempo track called Rockstar featuring JP THE WAVY and T-Pablow there is a new sound that makes the list for sure. KOWICHI has more great songs on the album such as Rich and Self Made 2 which might be for more regular KOWICHI fan which makes it a tough decision to chose between the tracks.

KEN THE 390 – Verses feat. GADORO,NORIKIYO

JP THE WAVY – WAVEBODY (Remix) feat. OZworld, LEX & ¥ellow Bucks

FNCY – TOKYO LUV (Prod. : Jengi)

FNCY that features the artists ZENLAROCK, GRINA and 鎮座DOPENESS. This song TOKYO LUV really hits in a positive way and makes it one of our favorites for the year! Feels like a song you could play when the weekend hits.


MIYACHI, famous for the “I don’t Understand”-track, called WAKARIMASEN and also the same YouTuber who created videos named “KONBINI CONFESSIONS”, have released a new track called CHU-HI and it is a banger! A recommendation for sure. If you are curious a about the meaning of CHU-HI, it means a canned drink that includes alcohol, traditionally made, from a distilled beverage called shochu, sparkling water and flavouring. This might be the ultimate party music.

KREVA – タンポポ feat. ZORN

KREVA, also known as Dr. K, together with ZORN with the track tanpopo (english name dandelion).

Kvi Baba – Too Bad Day But…

Kvi Baba is someone not that many know of (yet!) but he is for sure worth checking out and Too Bad Day But… is really good. There are two versions of the track, the more famous one featuring AKLO and KEIJU, then there is the original version if you prefer that! Be sure to check out the other tracks from Kvi Baba also because there is a lot of gems.