Osaka Rapper Jin Dogg releases MV for the “the Rubberband Man”

Multilingual Osaka Rapper Jin Dogg recently released his anticipated EP You Don’t Know, the first solo record from him since last year’s HELL EP. The trilingual rapper first rose to fame when he was featured in Red Bull / 88 Rising’s “Asian Rising” documentary, christened as one of the stars taking over the world with Asian Hip Hop. Since then, Jin Dogg has been busy collaborating with other artists from the rest of Japan and overseas. But while his influence is worldwide, the spirit of Jin Dogg’s new EP is grounded firmly in Dirty Kansai.

You Don’t Know is released by Jin Dogg’s home collective HIBRID ENTERTAINMENT in collaboration with bpm plus asia. You Don’t Know exhibits the unrefined heart of Osaka, a raucous album of streetwise hip-hop with an aggressive, passionate soul. With Drill anthems like “Already” or cutthroat boombap creepers like “Virus”, Jin Dogg maneuvers deftly through genres with a master’s skill. The sounds of hip-hop in Japan continue to evolve but Jin Dogg effortlessly stays on top, assimilating new trends into his own style.

The MV for “the Rubberband Man” is literally all business. Instead of glamorizing the life of a hip-hop star, the MV shows Jin Dogg on street level, making deals all day and all night to get those bands. The lights of the street reflect in his car’s rear-view mirror as he crisscrosses the streets of Dirty Kansai. There’s no pausing for a quick meal or a smoke, everything is done on the go. The message is clear: while you’re in the club or hanging with your friends, Jin Dogg is working to get paid.

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