COMA-CHI releases new music video

COMA-CHI have released her new music video for the song “Woman” featured in the album JOMON GREEN. The album was released 16th March and contains 11 tracks.


  1. タイトル時間1
    intro (a message from JOMON)
  2. water (feat. Josef Leimberg)
  3. Cycle
  4. woman (feat. Keyco)
  5. snake
  6. fire (feat. 焚巻)
  7. inori (祈りの森)
  8. fuzhin wind (feat. MC Mystie)
  9. sacred tree
  10. the voices of Kamuy (カムイの声) (feat. OKI (from OKI DUB AINU BAND))
  11. circle


Another music video is available for the track “circle”.