New Japanese hip-hop and rap songs of summer 2017 to check out

The summer is in its full glory in the Japanese rap scene. We’ve gathered songs of hip-hop and rap songs summer 2017 that we think are worth checking out. Music producer Chaki Zulu is a name that keeps popping up because of his great beats which many of the Japanese rappers use. See his soundcloud here. YDIZZY‘s latest album DIZZiNESS featuring many great tracks where Chaki as producer. We also have the highly anticipated new album from Awich where many various rappers like YOUNG JUJU is featured. We also got some other artists that aren’t expected that we hope you can have the pleasure of discovering for the first time.

YDIZZY – OMW (on my way)

Scha Dara Parr and EGO-WRAPPIN colloborated song “Microboy and microgirl”.

Awhich – Remember featuring YOUNG JUJU

KOWICHI / Shōnan bitter sweet


DOTAMA – Press conference apology

Junkman – 啓示の書 feat. DOGMA (Producer WATAPACHI)