New Japanese Rap Music Videos in February

Last month, February, there was a few good Japanese rap and hip-hop music videos that were released. Quite a month for Japanese rap and hip-hop music! They are all down below that you can check out and listen to.

KOWICHI – 1人でしない

From the newly released (2017-02-24) REP IN MY CITY PT. 2 album there is this song that just got released called  1人でしない, meaning, “not alone”. More than Kowichi himself DJ TY-KOH and Young Hastle featured in the song.

RYUZO – Melody Lane

Maybe one of the YouTube comments describes this song the best, “新曲なのに懐かしく感じる……” by Fashion kiLLar, saying “Even if it’s a new song it feels nostalgic”.

Y’S –  Lazy

Just like Kowichi, Y’S have just released a new album, the SMALL ASIAN THE MIXTAPE 2 featuring as many as 21 different tracks.


Quite surprisingly graphic music video released from Japanese rapper MARIA. She sings about drinking an (non caffeine) energy alcohol drink called “SPASA“. Their slogan, “Awaken the Samurai within”.