AKKO GORILLA and STUTS collaboration

AKKO GORILLA (あっこゴリラ) and the hip-hop beatmaker & MPC player has collaborated and the results is amazing.

Last month we didn’t report about this because the reality was that we didn’t find it until recently. The song in our opinion deserves much more listening. The song we are talking about is her most recent single “YELLOW FEVER” (黄熱病 in Japanese). You can see that the music video has only about 13.000 views, released in February 28 2017 on YouTube. For that reason we wanted to give the song more attention and perhaps introduce the artist herself AKKO GORILLA to you.

She has first released the album ‘Tokyo Banana’ January 2016, then later she released Back to the Jungle’ EP last November. They all were well received and she seems to grow more and more.