South Korean and Japanese collaborated Hip-Hop Track “Save Time”

When you have South Korean and Japanese collaborated hip-hop tracks you know it is going to be good. That’s is at least what most of us felt after Okasian and KOHH were together in the same famous track “It G Ma“.  If you’ve missed it, we want to present you another awesome track that was released August 2016 called “Save Time” by these two, who are maybe the hottest Asian rappers out there. Okasian is one of the biggest Korean rappers that blew up more internationally after his hit “It G Ma” featuring the Japanese rapper KOHH alongside with other South Koreans. What is different apart from the song being completely different, is that this time it is only Okasian and KOHH rapping.

Directed and Produced by 88 Rising . They describe the song and music video as following:

Okasian and KOHH come together for a powerful collaboration painting the picture of life.

Seoul City to Shibuya.

Let’s connect the world.

Save time.


It G ma

The song that blew up in popularity and made a big impact on the hip-hop scene “It G ma” by Okasian featuring KOHH among others.