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Five Heavy Japanese Rap Songs You Should Check Out

Let’s listen to some really heavy Japanese Rap songs that really goes hard. This would be the opposite from a previous post we made about chill songs from year 2016. We often hear a lot about South Korea’s heavy hip-hop scene and sometimes overlook the Japanese heavy songs. These are some of our recommendations if you are after songs with heavy beat and cool rappers. It is a mix between different styles, but they all have that hardness in common.

Daijoubu – Dutch Montana, DOGMA, Junkman (Prod. WATAPACHI & Chaki Zulu)

Daijoubu (大丈夫), a song coming from Dutch Montana featuring DOGMA and Junkman. One track that certainly fits within the category of heavy Japanese rap songs. You can really tell of the rappers featured that this is their style. The producers WATAPACHI & Chaki Zulu undoubtedly made a remarkable beat.

Young Hastle feat GG Ujihara – TV出たい (DJ TY-KOH)

This is what we would call a hidden gem because of its low listening numbers. It is Yung Hastle together DJ TY-KOH featuring GG Ujihara making an awesome sound. TV出たい translates as “Want to be on TV”. The track is from Yung Hastle and DJ TY-KOH’s latest album “TYH THE EP”.

ZORN – Back Bone ft.般若,NORIKIYO

Often ZORN have a more calm sound in his songs like 葛飾ラップソディー, Life Goes On or My Life but in this track together with Hannya and NORIKIYO they go really hard. Having all of these rappers on the same track is really a delightful experience for us Japanese hip-hop and rap fans.

Seven Sinners – jeLLy, MonyHorse, KEPHA, PETZ, JB, diZZy, Junkman

This is a single that feature a bunch of different Japanese rappers that makes a really strong impression with cool style to it. Not only does the sound have a great beat to it but the video itself also provides this “underground club” feeling. This is one of our favorites for sure. The song is called Seven Sinners and there are seven rappers: jeLLy, MonyHorse, KEPHA, PETZ, JB, diZZy, Junkman (in that order) and they all have their own “day” to rap about which is interesting.

D.O / KUSARI GROOVE feat. PIT-GOb, T2K, Dutch Montana, 漢 a.k.a. GAMI, DOGMA

Another heavy rap track released by D.O. joined by various other Japanese rappers PIT-GOb, T2K, Dutch Montana, 漢 a.k.a. GAMI and DOGMA.