Channel of the Month: Rap Dungeon

Channel of the month: Mars.

We would like the take this month to recommend one of the more interesting and exciting hip hop TV show “Freestyle Dungeon”. This is exactly what it sounds like, a freestyle, well, dungeon. Rappers come and freestyle, competing to win in the different programs. In the show there is also a jury that judge them right after the battles. Notable and great talented artist comes and goes in the program which makes it so great. Some of the smaller rappers, more unknown also making appearances. This is a great way to discover Japanese rap artists you didn’t know about. Usually after hearing some great rapping from a character you’ll be sure to check out their music, and might be surprised over how great the rapper is. Also another great thing is that you obviously get to see them in action, this makes it so much more interesting to actually see how they are and get to known them more from their personality. So be sure to check out the YouTube channel where they have a bunch of episodes of this program.