Introducing SALU

SALU, is a rapper that started being active in the hip-hop genre 2011 under the labels ONE YEAR WAR MUSIC / LEXINGTON CO., LTD since 2012 and TOY’S FACTORY since 2013. SALU has been around for a long time and is featured in various other’s hip hop music videos also. With his four albums, IN MY SHOES (2013), In My Life (2013), COMEDY (2014) and his latest THE CALM (2015) he has certainly made an impact to the hip hop scene. We have handpicked one of his most recent music videos and latest sound, since it’s from his latest album.


From his latest album THE CALM, “歪んだ愛”. Meaning “Perverse Love”.

Also to include on of his more older things, but that has been well loved throughout the years is his self titles album “In My Life” released 2012.