Introducing KOHH

Kohh, is an hip hop artist that recently has been blooming up. He had been publishing a lot of songs up till today, as his fame continunsly increases his been providing quality content progressively. Ever since his collaboration with Keith Ape in the music video “IT G MA” he certainly grew his fan base bigger since the song itself became such a hit with people discovering the song everyday. Since that music video was released roughly one year ago the viewer counter has reached 20 million. Kohh himself has, and still keeps on releasing music videos for his songs found at his third album DIRT. You can tell by comments that a considerable margin of people who didn’t know about Kohh came from “IT G MA”. On top of this activity for kohh with all his music videos and collaborations, an anticipated tour has been announced. The “DIRT Tour”, where all of his gigs are held in Japan. Music videos such as “If I die Tonight”, just released one month ago. He also have a DVD version of the DIRT album which contains more music videos. In fact, music videos for each song. Some of them has been published on YouTube free to watch. They’re linked if the exist down below. Preview videos are excluded.


DIRT Track List
1. Be Me
2. Dirt Boys feat. Dutch Montana & Loota
3. Living Legend
4. Now
5. 一人
6. Tokyo
7. 違う一日 feat. J $tash
8. If I Die Tonight feat.Dutch Montana, SALU
9. 死にやしない
10. 社交
11. Glowing Up feat.J $tash
12. 気楽にやる
13. 俺らの生活 feat.Dutch Montana, Mony Horse


Kohh latest released music video