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    • MONYPETZJNKMN - How Many
    • MONYPETZJNKMN - Ii Choushi
These tracks we simply enjoy! They have no affiliation to us. These featured tracks change every now and then from our Spotify list.

Hot Japanese Hip-Hop songs


    Japanese hip-hop scene is getting more and more exciting with each passing day. We've gathered together popular and unknown songs, notable rappers and trackmakers, and more! / 日を追うごとに盛り上がりを見せる日本のヒップホップシーン、人気曲から知られざる楽曲、注目すべきラッパーやトラックメイカーまで、一堂に集めました! by Pluto

    • LEX - なんでも言っちゃって (feat. JP THE WAVY)
    • Awich - 口に出して
    • Zoomgals - 陰毛論
    • Rei(C)hi - JINGI
    • AKKOGORILLA, 80KIDZ, Nobuaki Tanaka - DARADARA
    • YUTO, DopeOnigiri, Tokyo Gal - ナニ? (feat. Tokyo Gal)
    • Elle Teresa - baD bitch
    • CHANMINA - ハレンチ
    • ASA Wu, KM - Bloomer
    • $HOR1 WINBOY - Eyes on me
    • MC Tyson - Luv Ya
    • Mall Boyz - POOL SIDE
    • Gottz - SUNSET
    • DJ CHARI, DJ TATSUKI - Sugar
    • WILYWNKA - Feeling Like...
    • ケンチンミン - City Dogs
    • Tomita Lab. - 夜汽車 feat. BASI & kojikoji
    • LHRHND, maco marets - bedicine
    • ニューリー, Jinmenusagi, Utae - 胚芽の星
    • Sweet William - Please Think Twice
    • illmore - mistery
    • C.O.S.A. - Cool Kids
    • HOKUTO - Imposter
    • KANDYTOWN - METHOD (feat. MUD, Neetz & BSC)
    • TAKE-M - Poltergeist
    • KOPERU, ISSEI - Codename
    • KennyDoes, Cosaqu - NEVER CHANGE
    • KZ - こえてわかりだした
    • WAZGOGG - Sentence
    • PUNPEE, VaVa, OMSB - Wheels feat. 吉田沙良(モノンクル)
    • 5lack - goes on - 白い円盤 Series [No.1] -
    • Kvi Baba - Too Bad Day But... - (Remix)
    • KOWICHI - Rockstar
    • LEX, Only U, Yung sticky wom - I DO WHAT I WANT
    • OZworld - OKUMAN
    • JP THE WAVY - WAVEBODY (Remix) feat. OZworld, LEX & ¥ellow Bucks
    • DJ KANJI - Money Maker
    • MU-TON, rkemishi - JUNKHOOD
    • ISSUGI, DJ Shoe, ISSUGI & DJ SHOE - The Lord
    • KEN THE 390 - Verses
    • OMSB - CLOWN
    • HIDADDY, ROVER(ROYALcomfort) - please stay where you are [ROVER(ROYALcomfort) REMIX]
    • FARMHOUSE - 東京フラットシート
    • 13ELL - Memories
    • SugLawd Familiar - Paradice
    • doooo, MonyHorse - BOOM (feat. MonyHorse)
    • ¥ellow Bucks - Check Me Out
    • KOHH - CBD(Remix) (feat. Red Eye & D.O)
    • Y'S - 楽C人生
    • SKY-HI - 仕合わせ - feat. Kan Sano
These tracks change every now and then and comes from a Spotify playlist called Japanese Newest Hip-hop list.

Top hip-hop/rap songs in Japan right now

  • <a class="artist-link" href="">Creepy Nuts</a>#1 のびしろ
    Creepy Nuts
  • <a class="artist-link" href="">Awich</a>#2 GILA GILA (feat. JP THE WAVY & YZERR)
  • STUTS & 松 たか子#3 Presence Remix (feat. T-Pablow, Daichi Yamamoto, NENE, BIM & KID FRESINO) [with 3exes]
    STUTS & 松 たか子
  • O.T. Genasis#4 I Look Good
    O.T. Genasis
  • <a class="artist-link" href="">¥ellow Bucks</a>#5 I'm Back
    ¥ellow Bucks
  • STUTS & 松 たか子#6 Presence I (feat. KID FRESINO) [with 3exes]
    STUTS & 松 たか子
  • ピーナッツくん#7 Tamiflu (feat. チャンチョ)
  • <a class="artist-link" href="">ZORN</a>#8 Walk This Way (feat. AKLO)
  • ルーペ・フィアスコ & Guy Sebastian#9 Battle Scars
    ルーペ・フィアスコ & Guy Sebastian
  • <a class="artist-link" href="">Creepy Nuts</a>#10 かつて天才だった俺たちへ
    Creepy Nuts
Hip-hop and rap top songs data retrived from Japanese Itunes Store. Updates hourly.


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    SHO Releases new song "Dropped out of Hosei University"

    Friday 12 November 2021

    The rapper SHO just released a new song with the name of "Dropped out of Hosei University" (法政大学中退). More information where to purchase can be found here. It's a track that's worth checking out for sure if you are down for a little bit more...

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  • Osaka Rapper Jin Dogg releases MV for the “the Rubberband Man”

    Tuesday 26 October 2021

    Multilingual Osaka Rapper Jin Dogg recently released his anticipated EP You Don’t Know, the first solo record from him since last year’s HELL EP. The trilingual rapper first rose to fame when he was featured in Red Bull / 88 Rising’s “Asian Rising” documentary, christened...

  • Leon Fanourakis - SHISHIMAI

    Friday 12 March 2021

    SHISHIMAI was released on January 22 2021 by Leon Fanourakis, an album you shouldn't miss! Leon Fanourakis is certainly keeping up with his atmospheric underground rap style. We want to highlight this album since we've believe this is an undervalued album which you might like...

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